Students of Grade VI did an activity on Properties of Materials (Solubility in Water) under the guidance of their Science Teacher, Ms. Pooja Rai. We say that sugar or salt gets dissolved in water. Actually,water causes all molecules in a solid piece of sugar or salt to break apart. The individual molecules, when separated, are so small that we can’t see them. The students also learned the concept of miscible and  immiscible by adding water and oil together.

Through the activity on sorting material into groups the Students learned that properties of material can be classified into lustre, appearance,solubility in water and miscibility in water.

Antara Chawla: “We tried to mix oil, ghee, sugar, salt, chalk powder and turmeric powder and then observed which substance dissolved in water and which didn’t. Through this experiment we also came to know about the molecular arrangement of these materials. The experiment was a great help to understand the topic better”.

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