Hostel Party & Award Ceremony: 29th July 2017

The Best Student Award

Saturday, 29th July 2017 ended on a high note with Hostel A (Girl’s Hostel) stepping up the notch of the Hostel parties to make it a unique, exciting and memorable night to remember.  It was delightful to see all boarders, academic and administration staff staying on campus, gather for an action packed evening of song, dance and drama.  The Girl’s and little boys of Hostel A mesmerized the audience with their fusion items.

This was followed by the Hostel and Best Student Award Ceremony.   The Hostel In-Charge, Mr. Rajeev Ranjan invited the Principal, Dr. Subhash Kumar to hand over the Award winning Trophy to Hostel I for winning the first Hostel  Award for the academic session 2017-18 with a score of 78.58%.   Following close in second position was Hostel A with 77.57% and in third place Hostel F with 76.04%.

It was then time to recognize and present The Best Student Award to the undernoted students.

Student of the month: Jun & Jul 17
Hostel Student’s Name Adm.No. Class Points
A Nitu Gupta 1213 XII B 440/500
E Soumya Vardhan 521 X B 440/500
F Aryan Abhishek 1283 VII A 424/500
G Md Rustum 624 IX A 437/500
H Argajit Mitra 1181 VIII B 415/500
I Adarsh Kumar 1183 IV A 448/500


Hearty congratulations to Hostel I and all the students for their achievements.  It is by no means an easy task.  To win this prestigious award,  the following criteria is used to rate the student(s) for their overall holistic development.

  1. Daily hostel performance.  This accounts for 60% performance in the areas of:
  • General behavior :  Good conduct and respect for self and other
  • Hostel & grooming checklist: Good personal grooming, maintaining personal belongings and discipline
  • English communication
  1. Weekly Academic Performance.  The Academic Coordinators send in weekly performance reports which accounts for 20% performance in the areas of:
  • Homework completion
  • Academic performance
  • Discipline in the class
  • Participation in academic activities
  • Appreciation from Teachers
  1. Weekly co-curricular Performance.  The Sports Coordinator send in a weekly performance report which account for 20% performance in the areas of:
  • Discipline on the filed/venue
  • Active participation in daily activities
  • Proper handling of equipment and sports facilities
  • Participation in any school/state/national level activity
  • Achievement in any interhouse/school/state/national level activity

The evening came to a close with all swaying to the beats on the dance floor followed by a sumptuous dinner.

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