Mathematics = Creativity

“The moving power of mathematical invention is not reasoning but imagination.”—Augustus de Morgan

Learning happens when someone not just masters the concept and skills but also knows to apply those skills in the real world and have hands-on experience with those concepts. Teaching with a creative approach allows students to appreciate the concept and demonstrate their learning in a way they enjoy too.

At Taurian, we are always providing our students a chance to apply their thinking and understanding in a creative way to make the learning experience fun for them.

Our little buddies of Grade LKG have been exploring numbers around them. They performed an activity where they reused waste materials to showcase their understanding of number concept. This not only helped them to get into the habit of reusing materials but they could now also connect numbers with the objects around them.

Grade LKG

Grade UKG have been learning about different shapes. They made connections with real life while identifying shapes of different objects around them. They were then asked to draw pictures of different items that resemble the shape they have learnt about. This activity was a good practice work to hone their observation and viewing skills.

Grade UKG

Our Grade 1 learners did a fun activity called – Making of SKIPPY the skip counting caterpillar. This task focused on reinforcing the concept of Skip counting by integrating Math and Art. Students enjoyed the activity and presented beautiful pieces to showcase their learning. They made two caterpillars by using drawing sheets to review Skip counting by 5s and 10s that reinforced their concept.

Grade I

Our Grade 3 also enjoyed doing another interesting and fun activity called – “Yummy Yum-Yum” Place value ice-cream. Place value ice-cream is a delicious way to introduce, practice and review place value. This activity has given an opportunity to the students to apply their skills that they have learned naming numbers in different ways. Students built an ice-cream cone/basket/bowl on a chart paper to review place value by using the Standard form, Expanded form, Number Word and base ten blocks and created Yummy combinations that reinforce their concept of place value.

Grade 3

Primary Wing

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