Personality Development Training conducted for Housekeeping Department of TWS

Personality Development

“A clean and organized workplace leads to a clean and organized mind”

Housekeeping is a very important department for smooth functioning of the organization. People may not often notice how Housekeeping contributes to the “school environment” but for sure they will feel it! Nothing feels more relaxing than entering a  space that is clean, organized and well-kept. And we all have Housekeeping to thank for that!

Today we had a training session with 21 of our housekeeping staff where they shared their experiences. In this training we discussed – how they should  present themselves, the importance of grooming- dos and don’ts and how to improve their communication skills.

The importance of attitude toward work, team work, how to work on improving those skills were also discussed.

The ways  to deal with students, teachers and parents or any staff was duly addressed by showing them slides and videos.


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