Training on Food Hygiene was conducted this week for F&B Department of TWS

Food Hygiene

Good food hygiene is an important practice that we observe to ensure our food is safe for consumption, without which, harmful germs that cause food poisoning can spread very easily during food preparation process. It is therefore our responsibility to keep the food that our students and staff eat very clean and safe during and after preparation on a daily basis.

A training regarding the same was conducted this week for the Food & Beverages department. We discussed Food safety, handling of food, storing of food and maintainence of personal hygiene on a daily basis. They were also taught the 4 C’s of food hygiene which are important (Cleaning,Chilling,Cooking and Cross contamination).

We also discussed how to prevent Food poisoning, correct food storage and how to keep the kitchen clean from pathogens. To check expiry dates and label foods accordingly should be our priority.

Our trainer also explained them why it is important to remove cooked food or frozen food after a time period from Room temperature and what can happen if they are left in the danger zone ( 8C to 63 degree C) for too long. She also emphasized on the different temperatures of storing and cooking different types of food and the different biological, chemical, physical and allergens which result in food contamination; Pest control and Precautions to take while handling ice was also discussed.

It was overall a good session with 16 participants from different units of the Food and Beverage Department. A lot of interactive learning took place.

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