Principal’s Interaction with Students



An interactive session was conducted on 18th June 2022 for the students and teachers with the Principal of the school Dr. Subhash Kumar.

The session began with a lovely Raag Ahir Bhairav from our music teacher Mr. Biman Mazumder.

This session aimed to give the students an insight of the plans which the school has in its sleeve for the academic session 2022-23.

The Principal emphasized on the following best practices which will be implemented in the year 2022-23:


  • The students need to work upon their logical thinking, numerical ability, debating skills, thinking skills etc., apart from only learning from their books.
  • As a school, we will be integrating technology with all the concept taught in the class.
  • A space (Time for Excellence) has been incorporated in the school’s time-table which will focus on filling the gap that has been created since two years
  • Primary focus will be given to English communications (Written and Spoken) and Numerical Ability which will help them in all their subjects
  • Collation between competitive exams and concept building in the classes
  • A second round of the session on “Student’s Dilemma” will be conducted on 25th June 2022 for the students and the parents.

Dr. Subhash Kumar also stressed that a bridge course will be conducted for the Grade 11 students purpose of which is to acclimatize the students and bridge the gap between subjects studied in Grade 10 and the subjects they would be studying in Grade 11.

He added that the syllabus for Class 11 is framed in such a way that they get the basic knowledge on the subjects which they would be learning in graduation.

The session ended with a note from the Principal that “If the students collaborate, they will Elaborate”.

Photos and Videos of the session can be accessed through the following link:




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