Seminar on Biodiversity

On 15th May 2021, students of Classes VI to VIII attended a seminar on Biodiversity where they interacted with the speaker, Mrs. Silvi Peters from South Carolina, USA.

The objective of the session was to make the students aware about the ways through which biodiversity boosts the ecosystem and its productivity, where each and every species has a diverse role to play.

The children learnt about the importance of the existence of ecosystems, the various types of biodiversity, namely, ecological, genetic and species.

They also learned about the threats to biodiversity like, deforestation, climate change, pollution, desertification and over exploitation.

A lot of thought-provoking questions were posed to the students and the young learners came up with brilliant answers to save the environment and strategies for alternative uses of resources.

The children also learnt that whether plants, animals, or microscopic organisms, all are integral to regulating a variety of ecosystem processes and functions, which in turn sustain goods and services that humans rely on.

These include providing clean air, food and pollination of crops, all of which are imperative for human standards of living and well-being.

The session was very interactive as both the Speaker and the students shared their views and opinions based on saving the various species of animals and saving the mother earth from degenerating.

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