Taurian Centre of Excellence on 1st Sept 2018


“Kids prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents, not just a small range of them” – Sir Ken Robinson

Keeping up the spirits of the students and their enthusiasm, another day of TCE was completed successfully.

Students started their day by practicing and improving their favourite sports. They continued their learning in the organic farming class where they had a wonderful experience of seeing roots grow out of the chrysanthemum cutting which they had planted on 18/08/18.

Now they have started working on their Gardening Diary – an activity to note down their experience day wise as well.

In communication classes, the students of Grade 4 and 5 enjoyed Thematic Perception Test – which is a theme based activity where a non-conclusive picture was given and students were asked to share their perception.

Students of LKG – I performed an activity on telephonic conversation and students of Grade 2 and 3 enjoyed Chinese Whisper game.

They then enjoyed their Art classes where they learnt clay modelling. They used old CDs, ribbons and modelling clay to make beautiful flowers having multicoloured petals.

In western music class, the students learnt “Praise Him,  God is so good” and learnt how to play the guitar, and were also taught how to play the piano.

In Indian music, the students were taught congo, dholak and harmonium, and they also learnt Sargam.and Channa mere ya, & Tenu samjha wa song

They were taught freestyle on the song Bol har har, and balancing and basic feet movement, students were also taught classical Tandav.


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