Workshop on “Communication and Team Dynamics at Work Place”


A training session  for all the staff of animal husbandry was conducted on Tuesday 17th July, 2018 by our School Counsellor Mrs. Tanushree Sengupta.  The theme of the training was “Communication and Team Dynamics at Work Place ” The session was conducted at the horse stables. 

In an activity to encourage communication skills and understand their work routine and team dynamics they were asked to introduced themselves and their horses. They talked about their horses, their grooming, routine through the day and if they struggled with any illness. A easy atmosphere was created so that they talked freely and were able to laugh and express.

They talked freely about the team, their roles and responsibilities. They were also told that any change can create discomfort. How stepping out of your comfort zone is difficult but necessary and it is important to implement change for better working conditions and more productive results.These were all related to horse and different stages of their lives. 

Mrs. Tanushree also spoke about her personal challenges and how it made her a better professional and encouraged the staff to try out new things even though initially they may face difficulties.

The session finished on a happy note on everyone remembering incidences from their childhood and how flexible they were in their approach then.

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