An Interactive Session with Mrs. Jayashree Sengupta from Harvard University on 3rd August 2018

An Interactive Session

On 3rd August 2018, we were excited to have Mrs. Jayashree Sengupta, Senior Project Manager at Harvard University in our campus. Before her interaction with the students of Grade IX to XII and the parents, we showed her around TWS. She was very impressed with the infrastructure and the environment at Taurian World School.
She shared her views on her journey from a humble beginning to administrating such an esteemed university like Harvard. The topic ” “How to Channel your Strengths and Emotions to be Successful & Happy was dealt in a very lucid language and involved the audience completely during the session.  
Her presence had a profound effect in the children’s perspective of a wider world and will definitely help them pave a path to reach their desired goals. 
Her personal example and sharing the experiences she had, left a permanent imprint in the mind of the audience. 
We pride ourselves on the various notable guests who not only visit our school, but become a part of the Taurian World School family.
Distinguished visitors enjoy school tours lead by our very own student ambassadors and always look forward to coming back.  
We would also like to express our appreciation to the parents who took time out of their busy schedule to visit this workshop and were part of the event.
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