Bird Watching at Patratu Valley

The recent pandemic has affected the life of everyone especially the life of the students. They were bound to stay inside their homes and were deprived of the activities, the fun they had, earlier.

In order to break the ice and to fill the Sunday with a pinch of surprise, our boarding students were taken to an unknown destination to them, but known to most of us living in Jharkhand, ie., the Patratu Valley.

Jharkhand is a mesmerizing state and is home to hundreds of tourist destination. However, most of them remain unexplored throughout the year. Therefore, Jharkhand is still one of the least-explored states in our country. But do you know there are several places in this ignored state which can compel you to pack your bags right now? One such place which can leave you stunned is the beautiful valley town of Patratu. If you love exploring untrodden trails, you must add this gorgeous beauty to your bucket list.

The students enjoyed their ride, singing songs, playing antakshiri etc, not knowing where they were going.

Only after a journey of about an hour, they realized that they were passing through a heavenly abode.

It was a beautiful sight, with neat and clean zig-zag roads, cut through the mountains, covered with lush greenery and scenic view.  

The students were made to stop at a point where they got a bird view of the valley and the natural beauty they were heading to.

Reaching their destination, they  were introduced to “The Bird-Man of Jharkhand” Mr. Pannalal and Mr. Ramesh, the snake rescuer.

Mr. Pannalal, further made them aware of different species of birds visiting the valley like the Sea Gull, Pink-headed duck, Vital Green bird, White breasted Waterhen bird and many more.

They learnt about the nature of the bird and the places of their origin.

The students were also amazed to know about a unique God Gift Mr. Pannalal had; he can produce sounds of more than forty kinds of birds.

After all the fun, the students had a mouthwatering lunch and were taken for a walk through the side of the Patratu Dam.

Overall, the students had great fun and a day that they will cherish their whole life.

Some testimonials given by the students were:

“It was a different kind of experience which gave us exposure to flora and fauna and to appreciate the nature” – Aveek Basu, Grade 10

“We didn’t just have fun but learnt a lot about different kinds of birds. The trip was a great experience for me” – Vishal Kumar, Grade 10

“All the time during our trip, we were excited what is going to happen next. This trip will always be a part of my life and I will remember it for ages to come” – Yash Raj, Grade 10

“All the way back, we were discussing about the trip. It was a memorable experience for me and I will never forget it” – Adarsh Kumar, Grade 8

“It was a learning for a life time for all of us” – Ankit Singh, Grade 8

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