Equality vs Justice

“Justice is a blind concept. That is what makes it fair and unfair at the same time.” – Anonymous

What do we mean when we say “justice is blind” ?

Justice depicts the concept of vengeance in a legal, rule bound and restrained systemic order. It does not discriminate based on race, creed, sexual orientation or family. (This is an idealistic approach)

Justice advantages in being blind is that there is no discrimination present. However, the clear disparity in its issues shows immediately when one comprehends that without proper insight, there is no insight of sympathy or emotion for if one lacks the proof (to abide by the system).

What is equality and will it ever be possibly executed/implemented?

Equality, in itself means, when people consider/believe one another to be equal in all forth rights and judge on another with indifference. The truth in this, is that, it is quite impossible as the very nature of us as humans is to impose our own beliefs on others. This can be seen from the 14th century all the way to present day. For the church to today’s police protests and brutality.
This is more of an idealistic, sentient concept than anything else. 

The Comparison:-

In comparison, I would like to represent two scenarios; one in which we talk about today’s realistic society and one in which I refer to a utopian and idealistic society.

Case 1

Justice Prevails. This is because in a realistic society, equality is an impossible ideal to aspire for, so justice is the only viable option to keep society in check and stable.

Case 2

Equality would definitely improve society’s standard and change the world. In this perfect world due to equality, there would be no conflict and we would lose the human feeling for violence.


Shreyas Karna – Grade X

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