Language and Colors

Learning the basics of any language is probably the most important part of its knowledge and understanding and therefore it is as important to teach the basics in a way that it stays with the children throughout and further helps to build up their knowledge of the language.

Adding creativity in the teaching process not only helps to motivate students but also helps to deepen their understanding. Teaching and learning become interesting when colour and pictures are used to explain the concepts.

The use of colours in the learning process helps the brain to function actively, absorb new information and promotes alertness. 

Working and using this concept, our Grade 4 and 5 have been learning about some basic concepts of the English language like parts of speech, singular-plural form of nouns and story elements.

Children drew flowers to learn the different rules of changing the singular form of a noun to its plural form. 

To understand the concept of story elements, they drew a story map and to identify different parts of speech used in a sentence, they used the concept of grid. They enjoyed the colourful learning and reflected a good understanding of the concepts taught.



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