NGO’s Working for the Welfare of Animals & Birds – A Research Based Activity

The students of Grade ‘VI’ were face to face with the instances of noble work in various fields under the unit, ‘People Who Do Good For Others’.

The students were further encouraged to take up the research based approach to find out about the organizations who are helping to make this world a better place for the animals and birds.

They delved deep in the available resources online and found out the different organizations who are working for the welfare of the animals and birds. They also prepared wonderful posters to sensitize us towards the animals as the world belongs to them too as much as it belongs to us.

Students enjoyed this activity a lot as they loved exploring about all the related government-run hospitals as well as non-government organizations which work for the welfare of animals and birds.

They organized their findings under different columns such as the name of the organizations, facilities offered, cost and problem faced by them.

They further displayed their creative skills by designing posters to raise awareness among people about animal welfare urging all of us to take care of them and make this world a safe place for them.


Middle School

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