Virtual Tours

With the Covid -19 situation around, kids around the world are staying at home along with their parents and attending classes online. Virtual reality has been the new normal for some months now and everyone is making sure kids can get the best out of the situation in this scenario.

Field trips have always been considered a rather important component of our school instructions. They broaden the educational experience for the kids and make their learning more relevant and easier to connect with their surroundings.

In an attempt to keep the classes going on a similar line as the regular classes, virtual tours were planned for the kids of Taurian World School, Primary section. These tours provided a great opportunity for both the teachers and students to dive into places which might otherwise be a bit difficult to approach.

Grade LKG

Our youngest learner of Grade LKG while learning about animal’s names and talking about their favorite animal, took a virtual tour to the famous Australian Zoo and could virtually see and meet lots of interesting animals.


Our UKG buddies have been learning about different word families like ‘-all, -ell, -ill and -ull’ in their English class. To establish connection with the new words learnt, they were taken for a virtual tour to ‘The Great Wall of China’.

They were excited to see a wall so huge and lengthy and visit it virtually as they prepared to move up and down the stairs and observe the beautiful view from the top. 

They have also been learning about community helpers in their Science class and were even taken to a live tour to watch the construction of a building to observe the people who work there and the materials used to build a house.


Our Grade 5 students have been exploring Ancient Egypt under their current unit on ‘Ancient Civilization’. They learnt about the belief system of the ancient Egyptians, their gods, pharaohs, hieroglyphics and pyramids. Following this, they took a virtual tour to Giza and observed the beauty of the magnificent pyramid there.

Thanks to the amazing technology making it all possible and giving us the opportunity to be in any part of the world while still staying safe at our homes during these times.


Primary School

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