Boarders Weekend Activity

The much awaited boarders parent weekend outing had finally arrived.  After a  successful Parents Teachers Meeting “CONNECT” most of the boarding students went home with their parents.  For the few remaining on campus there was much in store.  They visited the organic farm, dairy farm and horses stable and had fun walking in groups and sharing their views.

On Saturday, 15th July 2017, they were taken for a movie outing. After breakfast they assembled at the parking area and were escorted by their wardens to Fun Cinema in Spring City Mall. Throughout the journey they enjoyed singing and clapping on jokes. The movie JAGGA JASOOS was a fun detective movie from which students learned that with strong will power one can overcome any disability. Sunday the 16th was a day of rest. The students spent the day watching television and playing indoor games after breakfast. Swimming was another refreshing activity which they all enjoyed. They also spent time speaking to their parents and other family members after lunch. This was followed by a good session of sports in the evening.  After two days of enjoyment and relaxation, the boarders spent some study time in their respective hostels under the supervision of their wardens.

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