Grade VI – VIII :: Session on How to Plan for Exams

The students of Grade VI to VIII attended a guidance session  on “How to Approach The Exams” conducted by Ms. Tanushree Sengupta & Mr. Vardarajan where they urged students to plan properly and well in advance for a better result in the exam.

Engaging students for close to one and half hours through fun-filled interaction and interesting games, Mr. Vardarajan explained to them why it was important for them to plan for their exams.

It was shared in the session that when it comes to take the major exams, students have to relate to themselves as a top class athlete. They need to eat the right foods, have the right mental attitude and let their body rest when it needs to leading up to their exams.

These simple things can make all the difference to their mental clarity and performance.

Students who took part in the event thanked the teachers for organizing the event and guiding them at an important juncture in their education.

Students said that they now had learnt how to enjoy studies even during the exam stress.


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