A Session on Students Dilemma in Choosing Right Career Path

A session on students' Dilemma in Choosing the right career path

One of the greatest dilemmas that confront students after graduation is – what next? What are the courses that can offer better job opportunities? Very few students know their career choice by the time they graduate and are not clear on what they have to do. Most of them are susceptible to the advice of elders, friends, peers, career counselors or coaching class personnel.

As part of our growing effort to clear the doubts and prepare all our students for successful futures, a second session on “Students’ Dilemma in Choosing the Right Career Path” was held today in the school. Mr. Satwant Singh Bagga, National Sales Head in Sinsan Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd ( Pune), graced the occasion with his presence. Mr. Bagga has a rich experience of 28 years in the Pharmaceuticals Industry apart from being an expertise in Corporate Management , Team Building , Leadership , Professional Behavior and Ethics , Lifestyle Modification.

The session began with a spellbound Raga “Tu Hi Re” by our Musical Team. Our Counselor Mrs. Komal Kriti then enlightened the students with the kind of courses and various career options after they completed their schooling. She spoke about the myriad academic programs offered in every stream which have an astonishing range of flexible options to select from. which will allow the students to pursue careers in their desired fields.

Important part of the session was the Interactive Workshop by Mr. Bagga where he went beyond what Mrs. Komal had said. He emphasized that Academic achievements are important but one needs to have certain range of skills that need to be developed in order to translate those achievements into a successful career. He gave live examples of himself on how he has chosen his career path, the problems he faced, his passions and the balanced life he is now living.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot from him.

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