Each child is unique and so should be the method to teach them - unique

Taurian Progressive Learning Centre

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Taurian Progressive Learning Centre

At Taurian, we recognize that a world school must respond to the needs of children who may need learning support, including gifted children. To that end, we are committed to providing specialist teachers to help students reach their full potential. Currently we have counsellors, and learning support teachers for mathematics, language and arts in both primary and secondary school. Individual educational programmes are developed depending upon the need of the children.


Our special facilities have been designed with extra attention to detail and with the comfort of students in mind. They come added with thoughtful features that enhance the convenience of children at all stages.

TPLC (Taurian Progressive Learning Centre) teachers have a range of resources to develop language skills, fine motor skills, numeracy and basic social skills. Much use is made of digital resources and multi-sensory learning aids.

Students who display behavioural problems are counselled and given strategies to manage their own behaviour so that it doesn’t hinder the learning process.

TPLC staff members are specialists in various fields including, Sensory-Motor Integration Therapy, Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy, Basic Speech Therapy Techniques and Early Developmental Therapy including Psycho-education to the parents.



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