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About Taurian World School

Best residential school in Jharkhand

We at Taurian World School, the best residential school in Jharkhand , help our students to develop into independent, conscious and
sensitive individuals. With comprehensive curricular and co-curricular activities, we build and empower their
character, sculpt their personalities and nurture their skills.


the path to the best residential school in jharkhand

Taurian World School, the best residential school in Jharkhand’s vision is to become the world’s leading scholastic institution by providing holistic education to our students. Our goal is to empower our students to thrive in an environment that demands standards of conduct, ethical behaviour, integrity, spiritual values, community service and competition.

Within a supportive and caring environment, we see that our students are encouraged to set goals and strive for excellence, while inculcating leadership skills and a sense of individual responsibility. We want our students to learn to make their own decisions and to collectively handle responsibilities in a structure that works like a student-run corporation.


Taurian World School, the best residential school in Jharkhand strives to create responsible citizens who are confident and prepared to shape their future and that of their local and global community. The school guides its graduates to meet their potential, recognizing and developing their individual talents and characters. Taurian students are passionate learners, empathetic towards others, and ready to take the lead in their chosen field.


At Taurian World School, students can strengthen their character, carve their personalities and nurture latent skill. The logo of the school with the book, the intertwined trees and the birds flying high, stands as an inspiration, the vision and the drive behind its initiative.

The book implies that knowledge and its dissemination is the foundation of our school.

The tree stands as the bearer of knowledge which helps one to develop as an independent individual.

The intertwined trees stand indivisible with its verdant trust for each other. The tree on the left represents strength of character, attitude and personality which are imbibed; whereas the tree on the right implies the development of acquired skills in an individual.

The three birds flying in different directions indicate that the school aims to build diversity, by nurturing capable citizens who bravely and selflessly soar high to follow their dreams and aspirations.


Our philosophy is to create leaders keeping academic accomplishments as the building block. The school believes that every individual is built around the following five fundamentals which are vital for overall development of the students.

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

Character Development

Character Development


Personal Motivation

Personal Motivation

Physical Development

Physical Development



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