Agri-Integrated Learning

Agri Integrated Learning


” Agriculture is our widest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to the real wealth, good morals and happiness”.

Integrated learning enables children to integrate ideas and experiences and apply them to formulate new learning situations.

Creativity, adaptability, critical reasoning, and collaboration are the key features of integrated learning.

On Saturday students of middle school were taken to Taurian farm.

It was really nice to see the enthusiasm and crave for learning in them. They explored the various areas of the farm on the first day.

They were shown various fruits and vegetables grown there.

They were taken to the Mango orchard.

They explored a beautiful pond where fishes are raised.

The farm was also showcasing the examples of various ecosystem and food chains.

On the basis of tour, students of grade VI &VII were given the project on “FOOD STORY” – where students will be able to identify connections in the “farm/food web” as food travels from farm to our tables and grade VIII – WHY AGRICULTURE MATTERS – where students will research agriculture and food traditions from around the world.

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