Enriching Boarding Activity: Watching “Maidaan” and Fostering Camaraderie

Last Sunday, our boarding students had an enriching experience as they gathered for a special movie show featuring the inspiring film “Maidaan”. Based on the true story of Indian football coach Syed Abdul Rahim, this movie took our students on a captivating journey through the golden era of Indian football from 1952 to 1962.

The movie “Maidaan” is more than just entertainment; it’s a story of dedication, teamwork, and perseverance. As our students watched the film, they were not only entertained but also educated and inspired. They witnessed firsthand the incredible feats achieved by the Indian football team under the leadership of Coach Rahim, emphasizing the importance of hard work and unity in achieving success.

The values depicted in “Maidaan” align perfectly with our educational goals. At our boarding school, we strive to instill these same values of dedication, teamwork, and perseverance in all our students. By exposing them to such inspiring stories, we aim to shape them into well-rounded individuals who are prepared to face any challenge that comes their way.

Following the movie, our students had the opportunity to spend some quality time together at the tuck shop. This not only allowed them to relax and unwind but also helped strengthen their bonds and camaraderie. These moments of connection are just as important as the educational activities we provide, as they contribute to a supportive and nurturing environment within our boarding community.



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