Empowering Education: Recap of ‘Coffee with Principal – INVOLVE TO EVOLVE’

In an effort to foster collaboration and deepen engagement between the school leadership team and senior school parents, an enriching session of ‘Coffee with Principal – INVOLVE TO EVOLVE’ was held on February 16, 2024. Led by the esteemed Dr. Subhash Kumar, the Principal, this event offered a pivotal opportunity for parents to directly engage with school leadership, contributing to holistic student development.

Achievement-Based Teaching and Personalized Learning:

Discussions during the session centered around achievement-based teaching methodologies and the significance of personalized learning. Dr. Subhash Kumar emphasized the importance of reading skills and how they play a fundamental role in student development.

Peer Learning and Activity-Based Experiences:

Parents were enlightened about the benefits of peer learning and activity-based experiences such as LuneBlaze internships. These discussions highlighted the importance of hands-on learning experiences and their impact on students’ overall growth.

STEAM Lab and Specialized Workshops:

The functioning of the school’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) lab was a focal point, showcasing the school’s commitment to providing practical, hands-on learning opportunities. Specialized workshops for both students and teachers were also discussed, aimed at equipping them with practical strategies to navigate an ever-evolving educational landscape.

Teacher Training and Professional Development:

Ensuring educators are updated on educational trends and equipped to cater to diverse student needs was another key aspect of the session. Dr. Kumar highlighted the importance of teacher training and professional development in maintaining high standards of education.

Cultivating a Sense of Belonging:

Dr. Kumar reiterated that initiatives like ‘Coffee with Principal’ aim to cultivate a sense of belonging through collaboration, communication, and idea exchange. This forum encourages lifelong learning and provides a platform for parents to voice their concerns and suggestions, further enhancing the collaborative environment within the school community.


The ‘Coffee with Principal – INVOLVE TO EVOLVE’ session served as an exemplary forum for promoting collaboration, communication, and lifelong learning within the school community. By actively engaging parents and addressing their concerns, the school leadership team reaffirmed their commitment to fostering holistic student development and preparing students for success in a dynamic world.

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