Grade 2 – Activity on ‘Numeration’

“Without Mathematics there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is Mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.”-  Shakuntala Devi

Students of Grade 2 have been enjoying their Maths lesson with some fun task and activities with their Teacher, Ms. Sumaiya Ambreen. To understand the concept of comparing and ordering numbers in a better way, the students had hands on activity using flash card. The students worked in pairs to compare the given numbers using appropriate sign. They also arranged the flash cards given to them in ascending and descending order. The activity helped them in identifying the value of the numbers which plays a vital role in strengthening any future concepts with numbers.

They have also been exploring the practical way to learn the concept of odd and even numbers. They were given some beads which they arranged in pairs to understand that numbers which can be made into pairs are even and the numbers which cannot be made into pairs are odd. The activity helped the students to categorize odd and even numbers.

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