Grade 4 – Activity on Roman Numerals

Math is fun!

Now that our students are back from their summer break, it’s time to get back to learning, but that’s fun too. Our students of Grade 4 made their way back to the fun way of learning by doing an activity on Roman Numerals. They have been learning about identification of Roman numerals and conversion of Indo – Arabic numbers to Roman numbers. After learning the basic rules of the same, they applied it practically in an activity, guided by their Teacher, Ms. Taniya. Students were divided into two teams. Few boards were scattered around, each having one roman letter written on it. A random number was given to both the teams and on the count of three, one member from each team had to run and pick the necessary letters to form the required number. Students enjoyed this activity to the fullest. This task required quick thinking skills as well as speed. It was also fun to see both the teams cheering with full excitement to encourage their members.

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