Grade LKG, UKG & II – Educational tour to ‘Science City’ on 1st March 2018

Grade LKG, UKG & II – Educational tour to ‘Science City’ on 1st March 2018

Educational Tour

Educational tour offers an opportunity for a rich immersion experience and a tremendous way to facilitate learning. It gives students the chance to explore and experience at a much deeper level than they ever could in the classroom.

So, we took the primary students (Grade LKG, UKG and 2) to the ‘Science City’ situated at Morabadi, Ranchi on 28th February 2018.  Each Grade was able to connect the field trip with their current unit in UOI.

LKG and UKG students had an amazing experience while exploring how things work. They observed different parts of the machines carefully and understood the function of push and pull in a deeper manner. They were also excited to see different types of magnets, parts of a bicycle, function of a zip, types of lock and flying of an aeroplane and many more things.

Grade 2 have been learning about the Earth’s resources and had an enriching learning experience while observing the natural resources of Jharkhand. They were thrilled to see how the coal is extracted from the mines. They were excited to see the different types of rocks and minerals found in Jharkhand and gained knowledge by playing the quiz. They also saw the objects made from different types of natural resources.

Overall the kids had a fun learning experience.

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