Hostel Party :: 3rd August 2019

Hostel Party for the Boarders of Taurian World School


Dear Parents,

Greetings from Taurian World School!

The anxiously-awaited and much demanded Hostel Party for the Boarders of Taurian World School was held on Saturday, 3rd August 2019 in the schools campus.

The atmosphere was full of excitement and festivity as the children, dressed in their theme based outfits, started gathering in the assembly hall after having mouth-watering starters.

The party started with a prayer followed by DJ Music on the background and children dancing to the beats.

This year, Mr. Rajeev Ranjan, the Boarding Coordinator introduced a new way of partying for his students.

He gave a topic to each hostel and asked them to prepare for the party (like dance, music or drama acts) according to their themes.  

The themes given to the students were:

Hostel A – Special Needs Children

Hostel E – The Golden Frame – A novel written by R.K. Laxman

Hostel F – Old Age Home

Hostel G – Life of Soldiers

Hostel H – Swatch Bharat Mission

Hostel I – Saving Water

A feeling of home away from home was felt in the air as the students enjoyed to the fullest.

Dr. Subhash Kumar, Principal, in his speech, held the efforts of the students in high regard, as the student themselves took the reins in their hands in preparing for this party. He recognized the talent of the students and admired each and every student for their creative thinking, leadership qualities and a well-planned execution.

The party ended with a delicious and succulent dinner.

Photos and Videos can be accessed here:


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