Let’s Connect : New Academic Session 2017-18 : 3rd April 2017

Let’s Connect

“It was the start of a new adventure on 3rd April 2017, new challenges to face, new memories to make and new obstacles to overcome.”

Every session marks a new beginning. Therefore, the first day, when the children come to school, all feeling rejuvenated, enthusiastic and excited, becomes a very special day.

We started our day with an assembly, seeking God’s blessings for a new beginning.  While the old students were welcomed back, the new ones were extended warm greetings so that they start feeling at home.

After taking their breakfast our students had a session in their individual classes, where they got a chance to know about their homeroom teachers and their school. All the students participated in different activities in different classes.

A great first day of LKG and UKG began with the circle time , where students got an opportunity to introduce themselves to their new friends and get familiarized with one another. First impression matters, especially on the first day of school. Students arrive with a mix of emotions.

So, to make them feel at home and comfortable, the teachers involved them in an activity “passing the Hula hoop in a chained circle.” The main motive behind this activity was to convey a message that – we all should be united together to achieve our common goal keeping ourselves focused and attentive.

Thereafter, they were engaged in various activities like – hitting the target, hopping through hula hoops counting numbers forward and backward, throwing and catching the ball.  Children had a fun learning experience and went home carrying a paper flower.

Students of grade 1 had many fun-filled activities where they introduced themselves, wrote their names on balloons and also identified and wrote the colour of the balloons. They also enjoyed playing various games.

Students of grade 2 and 3 had circle time together where they played a game called “know your partner”. This was followed by funny open ended questions. Later they moved to their respective classes and developed classroom rules. Grade 2 students made a new year resolution sheet where each one of them wrote one resolution for this academic year in which they mentioned about their good behaviour, improvement in studies and participation in different competition.

Grade 3 children created a cover page for their word book. The day ended with drawing and cutting star and heart to make a promise that this year they will shine and will have a caring heart.

Hindi room was filled with enthusiasm and spirit of joy as the students of Grade II connected with each other for the new academic session. A right note was set as they introduced themselves individually during the circle time. Further they paired themselves and spoke about their partner’s details and finally they enjoyed the activities related with wonderful colours.

The first day of Grade 4 was eventful with a number of activities and games. The day started with an activity – ‘Student Search’ where children had to name classmates that fitted best into the phrases given in their worksheets. Among the games, the children enjoyed the ‘Memory Game’ the most. ​

Students of grade 5 started their day of the new academic session with enthusiasm and joy. Happy to see their old buddies and some fresh new faces, they went on with the flow of the day which was planned in a way so that the students and teachers get to know each other better and start the journey.

They started the day with their introduction followed by an activity based on the same where they had to share one of their unique characteristic. They then wrote the same on a piece of paper which was randomly distributed among them. The task was to identify their friends based on their unique characteristic. This task was focused on listening skills and memory.

Second activity they did was “Name your friend”, where they were divided into two groups and separated by a curtain in between. Each time on the count of 3, the curtain was moved and the students from the opposite team facing each other had to tell the name of the person in front. The activity helped the kids to get familiar with the names of everyone specially the new members.

Then was the time to share some information about themselves with their teachers, such as their likes, hobbies and what they would like their teachers to know about them, their feelings and dreams.

Finally, students had another activity named ” Trust your friend” where they were divided into 4 groups. They were given a pathway full of hurdles in which one team member from each group had to cross blindfolded based on the directions given by their teammates. They did a great job showing how much they trust their peers. This activity was a good one for the kids to work on their organisational and thinking skills.

Overall, they had a fun-filled day to begin their new session ahead.

The day was full of different activities, learning and essential understanding. We thank all our Facilitators and students for taking interest and participating actively.

Wishing all the students luck for their new and different experiences in Taurian World School.

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