Report on Physics Practical Classes – Grade XII

Report on Physics Practical Classes

Theory is important as it gives knowledge about a subject, but practical learning is how that knowledge is applied. Nothing beats practical, hands-on learning when it comes to understanding the concepts of Physics better.

Our Physics Faculty Mr. Yogesh Popat conducted a series of Practical classes for our Grade XII students to reinforce the experiments taught to them prior to the summer break. The list of Practicals revised by the students during these classes were :

  1. Verification of Ohms Law and Calculation of Resistivity.
  2. Calculation of unknown resistance using Meter Bridge.
  3. Series combination of resistors using Meter Bridge.
  4. Parallel combination are resistors using Meter Bridge.
  5. Half Deflection Method to find resistance of Galvanometer and figure of merit.
  6. Characteristics of  PN DIODE.
  7. Comparison of emf using POT.

“…..in physical science many of the greatest advances that have been made from the beginning of the world to the present time have been made in the earnest desire to turn the knowledge of the properties of matter to some purpose useful to mankind.”  – Kelvin

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