Rifle Shooting Practice Camp : 7th April, 2017

As we know NCC gives first hand opportunity  to experience what it is like to be in the Indian Arm forces, Air or Naval force. Depending  upon  the battalion, the opportunity  is something  students can only dream of……..

Taurian World School plays a vital role to fulfill the dream and aspiration of our children. We provide the basic military training to our NCC cadets as part of the curriculum and prepare them to join the armed forces.

NCC teaches the spirit of adventure and sportsmanship, it inculcates the value of discipline, punctuality, orderliness, smartness and overall self-confidence.

Rifle shooting is a part of the NCC curriculum that involves test of proficiency and concentration.  Our NCC cadets had the opportunity to visit Birla institute of technology, Mesra, Ranchi to learn the skills of Rifle shooting, organized by 19 Jharkhand Bn. NCC, Ranchi on 7th April, 2017.

Under the guidance of Army Officers Col. Amit Dangwal , Subedar Surendra Kumar, Nb/Sub. N. Purty, Nb/ Sub. Praveen Kumar, Bhm. Sobat Singh, Hav. Vinod Chourpagar, Hav. Ramesh Mahali, Hav.Baldev Singh, Nk. Arun Kumar our cadets got an opportunity to fire the 0.22 rifle.  The cadets were excited and enjoyed the experience and thrill of firing a gun for the first time.

The cadets learned how to position and handle the rifle.  Also how to aim at a target properly, to load and unload the 0.22 bullet and clean the rifle. The cadets were energized and enthused by the real life experience and training of the rifle shooting practice camp.  Over all they learned the value of discipline, duty punctuality, orderliness, respect for the authority, correct work ethos and self confidence under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Sujeet Kumar Singh, the Associate NCC officer (ANO) of Taurian World School.

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