Special Assembly marking the beginning of the new session 2019-20

It was the beginning of a new session 2019-20 on 4th April 2019. Children looked so energetic, enthusiastic and exuberant.

To make them feel more important and motivated we started our day with a special Morning Assembly presented by our Academic Staff.

Our teachers were so zealous to perform their best.

The assembly started with the morning prayers followed by a musical enchantment by the choir.

A special sermon depicted the glory of God and his marvelous craftsmanship.

There was also food for the mind that helped our children to build up positive thoughts.

A new word was also there to enhance their vocabulary followed by a beautiful speech that also became a take away message for the day.

New faculty members were also introduced followed by an Award Session for their exceptional participation in the activities during their Educational Excursion in March 2019. 

Even children liked the assembly performed by their educators. 

It was a great learning for the students to understand that how you can achieve a
success when work is done by a team.

Post lunch, our Principal Dr. Subhash Kumar interacted with the newbies to make them feel home away from home.


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