The Art of Photography

The Art of Photography

During the “Southern Wonders” tour from 23rd – 29th March, 2017 our students from grade 8 were captivated and inspired by the beauty of nature. To help them capture the wonders of nature and memories of their journey, Mr. Krishnendu Pramanick, the accompanying teacher, who also has a passion for photography gave them few lessons on the ‘Art of Photography’ and on the types of photography, such as Nature, Macro, Portrait, Wide Angle, Landscape etc.  They were also made aware about the importance of their creativity and taught to write their name on their photographs before sharing it on internet.

Most of the students used their Smartphones for Macro photography.  They were excited with the outcome of the shots taken and spared no time to quickly sharing it in the whatsapp group.

Keeping in mind it was their first attempt in learning the Art of Photography, we are pleased to share a few of their images.

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