TWS Commemorates Earth Day: 22-04-2017

TWS Commemorates Earth Day

“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.”

― Rabindranath Tagore, Fireflies 

To commemorate the birth anniversary of the modern environmental movement “Earth Day”, students of Grades I to XII participated in a sit and draw competition organized by the Art Teachers, Ms. Shweta Chopra and Mr. Ashok Kumar with the Social Studies Department led by Ms. Sugita Mukhopadhyay on 22nd April, 2017. Their drawings gave voice to the emerging consciousness, channeling the energy of “Save the Earth” movement and bringing environmental concerns (deforestation, air and water pollution) to the forefront.  They also held “Hug a Tree” program on campus as an expression of gratitude to Mother Earth to reiterate their firm resolve to keep our planet clean & green.

The primary students participated in a colouring and drawing  competition “ How to save Mother Earth”. Our budding little artists created master pieces and played with colours to present testimonials of self-expression.

Students of  VI – XII worked in groups in the poster making competition in their respective Middle and Senior school corridors. During this activity the students came up with amazing ideas and concepts which were commendable.

The students then made a chain and hugged the oldest tree in our campus along with Principal, Coordinators and Art Teachers.

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